Scenes from The Hive, Berlin

\\ Nicole, Alex, Emily, Ashley, Me, Brittany, and Anne at The Hive //

When Yvonne Dewerne, co-founder of The Hive blog conference, asked me to speak in Berlin, I replied with a resounding yes, but not until after a lengthy moment of genuine surprise. I was stunned that my site had captured the attention of bloggers in Germany (and beyond) but I was both humbled and thrilled to attend. I booked my ticket, asked Bryan to join me and endured several months of anticipation. After returning from three action-packed days in Berlin, surrounded by inspiring and creative bloggers from all over Europe, I can say confidently that attending was unequivocally one of the best decisions I have made.

Design Mom at The Hive, Berlin

Each speaker brought something fresh and thought-provoking to share and most important, applicable to both new and seasoned bloggers. I spoke about managing life with a growing blog (and other offshoot projects), using my own experience as a multiple-hat-wearer as an example. I have yet to master each of the 10 tips for achieving a healthy balance that I recommended to the audience but as I, and a number of other bloggers, expressed during the conference, we are all works in progress. (For an overview of the points I made, check out Sister Mag's recap here).

Brittany and Rubi at Lokal
\\ Pictured outside Lokal: Rebecca, Anne, Rubi, Alex, Brittany, Emily, Ashley, Me //

Ashley of Chasing Heartbeats, who you've seen in my Franco File Friday series (here), organized a pre-Hive lunch at Lokal for a small group of us so we could get to know each other and ease into the weekend's schedule of keynote speeches, workshops and networking. It was incredible to finally meet Ashley in person since we've been exchanging emails and tweets for what feels like years - she is just as creative and vivacious in person as she is online.

Ashley Ludaescher and her dog Hazel
\\ Thea and Toni, sisters and founders of Sister Mag //

It turns out, that was the case for every blogger I have either followed from afar or discovered for the first time at the conference. With focuses on crafting, graphic design, photography, travel, fashion and food, everyone I met was astoundingly industrious and passionate about their work. Thea and Toni of Sister Mag, a beautifully produced and professional digital magazine available in English and German, led a polished, analytical discussion on new vs. traditional media that left everyone buzzing. They impressed not only with their assiduous attention to detail and passion for creating quality content but with their darling duds, designed and sewn by their mother. Keep your eyes on these girls!

In the span of only three days, I walked away with more than just a host of excellent blogs to add to my reading list - I parted with new bonds. Now let's see how they flourish!

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Thank you to The Hive and Betahaus for a phenomenal event that brought so many talented people together and many thanks to 9Flats for the beautiful apartment! I can't wait for next year! 

{Photos: Me and Ashley Ludaescher}
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