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Thursday, 4pm: a metro car packed full of zombied urbanites yawning in unison. Menacing clouds hang heavily above ground, weighing not only on my mood, it would seem, but on everyone else's around me. One more work day before families gather for a three day weekend for Pâques. Judging by our faces, it's clear we all need this Easter break.

When I think of Easter, I imagine lush suburban yards accentuated with spring's vibrant blooms and nattily dressed children running about blithely trawling for painted eggs and chocolate bunnies. Doesn't the holiday evoke such a Hallmark scene for all Jews? Maybe just me. Unfortunately for all, there will be no such blooms or children frolicking in spring attire this holiday weekend because true Parisian weather has returned, gray and grim.

Predicting this was to come, we took advantage of the week's last bit of blue skies and spent the day neighborhood-hopping before parking ourselves under the sun in Luxembourg Gardens. After a blissful twenty minutes of lounging with our heads back and eyes closed, we were roused by the sound of incessant giggling from the group of Japanese students seated next to us. Just as we turned our heads, we see a giant ball of fur scurry beneath our feet, having been released from a cat carrier into the open for gaping eyes. One of the young girls grabbed the animal and paraded him in her arms for curious onlookers.

There was no need to fear, it was just a fluffy rabbit. We never learned where they got him or why he was there but I like to think he had anticipated Easter weekend's gloom and came to bring an early dose of spring holiday spirit.

Here's hoping you have your own bunny sighting and fair weather, wherever you may be.
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