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December 2011

Paris 2011: a Year in Review

31 December 2011

I don’t quite know whether to classify 2011 a success, a failure or simply a mixed bag of troubling, joyous, painful and encouraging non-stop action. It was as tough, if not more so, than 2010 but I accomplished so much more and I do think that 2012 is posed for improvement, at least on the health front. Vague, right? A little recap of year 5 in Paris: January-June Launched my cookie company, Lola’s Cookies! Started a new job Saw 2 articles published on Travel & Leisure (this one and this one)  Traveled to the South of France, Istanbul and New York  Became virtually immobile due to a flare-up of my meatball-sized herniated disk just before our trip to the U.S.  Got married again (kind of) July-December Laid off from my new job.  Un-laid off from said new job after 5 days in some kind of sick high-stress inducing torture tactic  Began physiotherapy again 2x/week for my back, enlightened French therapist with anecdotes about America Laid off AGAIN from the same company. Sciatica began shortly after…. Took headshots of Amy Thomas for the author photo in her forthcoming book “Paris, My Sweet”; quickly learned that one of them made the cut!  Made some amazing new friends and strengthened bonds with old friends  Started a new job […]…

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Franco File Friday: Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen

23 December 2011

2011 has been a good year for so many of my favorite people. Frenetic, stressful, and perhaps even anxiety-inducing but overwhelmingly positive nonetheless. This is particularly true for Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen this year who found herself transforming her small business and staggeringly successful blog into a book.  Paris in Color will be released by Chronicle Books in the Spring and is the result of days upon days strolling the city (in all weather conditions) waiting for Paris’ natural color palettes and themes to catch her eye. Already available to pre-order, Nichole’s colorful journey will be a must for all of our Paris-focused collections. In this last Franco File Friday of 2011, meet Nichole and her Paris. Describe what you love about France in three words.Salty, creamy, butter. What about France do you think continues to seduce people from all corners of the world? It’s a mysterious seduction, no? It’s easy to point to food, light, architecture and history, but you could say the same of many European cities. I’ve tried to pinpoint my own unyielding attraction to Paris, but have come up empty. That’s the point, I think. It’s like the love I feel for my husband. I could […]…

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Lost In Cheeseland Goes to Shanghai!

19 December 2011

No, I’m not moving to China but I am making my very first trip to Asia in 6 days! Mr. C and I will be visiting a friend who moved to Shanghai for work and will be joined by other friends from Paris to celebrate the New Year, modern metropolis style. We’ll also be spending a few days in Beijing à deux where we hope to pack in enough culture and sight-seeing to last us through 2012. There will be one last Franco File Friday feature of the year at the end of this week and then you’ll see a New Year’s recap/resolution/tell-all post on the 31st, I hope you’ll stop back for that! In the meantime, I’m compiling recommendations. I know a trip to China doesn’t really fall into the parameters of a blog about life in France but I’ve shared with you my trips to New York, Istanbul and London and the feedback has been positive. Shaking up Lost In Cheeseland a bit every now and again doesn’t hurt, right? We’ve got our maps and our French Lonely Planet guides but I want your advice!  Do you have any Shanghai and Beijing tips (particularly good eats, things and neighborhoods to avoid, […]…

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Franco File Friday: Alisa Morov

16 December 2011

{Mad Hatter Cake Photo: Carams} I knew of the French recipe books Meringues and Cupcakes long before I actually met their vivacious American mastermind. Author of three delicious books (most recently Happy Gâteaux), owner of the American dessert company Sweet Pea Baking  and co-founder of the underground supper soirée Very Swell, Alisa Morov’s story is not all that surprising. Before moving to Paris almost ten years ago, she led a very different life – one of fashion, textiles and a certain sprawling American west-coast city. Still, baking always played a very important role in her everyday. Two children and a new city later, she found herself thrust into new territory and faced with an open opportunity to develop her passion for baking into something more than a hobby. This is where her story becomes somewhat familiar. Paris often becomes the landscape for aspiring entrepreneurs/bakers/writers/crafters to flourish and that’s exactly what happened to Alisa. She started Sweet Pea Baking in 2006 and after sharing her talents with most of the city, French publishing house Marabout caught on and wanted a piece of the pie. Beyond her roles as mother, author and baker, she proudly calls herself a Francophile. {Chocolate Fudge Cake Photo: Deirdre Rooney} Describe what […]…

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Best Burgers in Paris: Le Camion Qui Fume food truck

14 December 2011

If you’ve been following me over the last year, you know I have an insatiable hunger for cheeseburgers and a never-ending mission to share the best in Paris. I’ve listed some of my favorites in Paris HERE and more recently HERE. But the ongoing quest for juicy patties just got even more competitive. Wheeled out (literally) two weeks ago, Le Camion Qui Fume* is Paris’s first food truck and the brainchild of California native and Ferrandi-trained chef, Kristin Frederick. In a city where burgers of all forms and quality have become ubiquitous, it was going to take something special to make Kristin’s burgers buzz-worthy in Paris. Once she landed the permits and the truck, all that remained was a way to inform hungry urbanites of the truck’s daily location. Following in the footsteps of successful food trucks back in the States with a prominent social media presence, Kristin went straight to Twitter and Facebook in addition to her website to announce truck locations and scheduling changes. That’s part of what got people talking, but full credit goes to the concept and the quality. The beef is ground fresh each morning, the buns are of the bakery variety and the options on the menu […]…

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