Lost in Cheeseland + Paris’ 1st Foodspotting Event!

14 September 2011

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There are bloggers who are constantly invited out to restaurants and bars and showered with free goods while others are invited to gallery openings or sent books to review – both are perks of the hobby. I always pay for my meals and don’t make any promises when I receive books to review but I enjoy the opportunities that blogging have presented to me. It isn’t everyday that I am given anything for free (and in truth, what is even truly free anymore?) but I am forever grateful for people I’ve met and activites I’ve been able to do as a result of this little site.

Friday night, however, was another sort of opportunity. After months of using the social food guide Foodspotting on my iphone, I began communicating with the company’s head of community, Amy Cao, on twitter. The network of engaged foodies she succeeded in evolving was astounding and of course it helps that she has maintained her own successful and very public blog/video series about food, Amy Blogs Chow and Stupidly Simple Snacks, both of which demonstrate her mastery of the digital space. She’s adorable, personable, and enthusiastic about making food and the communal appreciation for good eats, accessible to all. The Foodspotting community is anything but elitist (ahem, Paris) and I knew from the beginning that having a Paris presence would be an asset.

Foodspotting meet-ups are held in cities all over the U.S. and are organized either by a FS employee or a FS user. When would they come to Paris? I asked repeatedly. Well, my cries (whines) were heeded – Amy gave me the opportunity to organize and host Paris’ very first Foodspotting event at the location of my choice.  It was in the works for several weeks but I kept mum in case I:

a) embarassed myself royally; b) ended up alone at the event; or c) failed as a host and therefore wouldn’t want anyone knowing I was involved.

Fortunately, none of the above happened (at least not to my knowledge…. can anyone confirm this?) and I am  SO proud of the result! I chose to hold the event at my favorite local spot, Le Pearl and saw the “oui” RSVP’s climb to almost 50 shortly after creating the invitation on Facebook. Friends, colleagues, fellow bloggers and other keen local foodies showed up to schmooze, eat, drink and test out the application.

As much as being the center of attention and playing host make me uneasy (perpetual fear of bored guests), I’m very satisfied with the event and would be thrilled to host a 2nd Foodspotting event – well, if Miss Amy Cao would fly out to Paris for it!

To those who came out to support me and learn more about Foodspotting, you have scored major brownie points in my book. Merci!

More about Foodspotting in the above video. Here’s my recap of the event on the Foodspotting blog!

– 2 of my photos from Jeanne A were published in Savour Magazine, Singapore!
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– 2 winners of Jill Colonna’s book “Mad About Macarons” will be revealed at the bottom of this week’s Franco File Friday so check back!