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September 2011

Franco File Friday: La Mom

30 September 2011

I’m terrible at keeping secrets. It takes all of my energy not to share personal news about myself with even one person and success in doing so is nothing short of a miracle. A few people knew I was part of Lola’s Cookies months before I even announced it because I couldn’t keep it to myself. So the fact that the blogger behind the successful blog La Mom (An American Mom in Paris) managed to keep her identity tightly sealed up until last November, is all the more impressive. Even more so since she revealed that she was not only one chic and humorous mom but two! Stephanie and Allison have been making expats and Parisians laugh since 2009 with their tales of Big Cheese, and Little Fry. Through anecdotes, photos and clever dialogue, they show you the side of Paris you’re not likely to see as a tourist. The two met as single gals in Paris and became highly successful Marketing & Communication professionals with Franco-American families. These are their stories…. Describe what you love about France in three words. Stephanie : Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité. Allison : Joie de vivre. Best place to go with kids in Paris (or […]…

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Colunching at Coutume Café

27 September 2011

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of moving abroad is the inevitability of starting over. Even if you’re fortunate enough to know a few people in your adopted city or town, it probably won’t be enough to constitute a solid network. That’s exactly what my parents were concerned about when I made the move to Paris – that I would struggle to form connections other than those facilitated by entering into my husband’s network (but as I mention in this interview, I didn’t win over his friends immediately). It wasn’t until I went to grad school in Paris that I developed an extremely tight group of friends, some of whom eventually left to return to their home countries. While those are people who will forever be in my life, regardless of their home base, I attribute my social wings to blogging and heavy social media use. Whereas it was once unacceptable to meet strangers online (let alone admit it), it has become the fastest way to integrate and make friends in Paris. Fortunately for those without blogs, Twitter accounts and only mild internet addiction, there exists a fun, free, social service to facilitate meeting locals. Colunching is a communal dining social network […]…

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Franco File Friday: Forest Collins of 52 Martinis

23 September 2011

Paris really is like a small village. I met a woman at my former gym and over a year later I find myself having a drink with her and cocktail expert/blogger Forest Collins of the site 52 Martinis at Le China- turns out, the two were friends and have collaborated together professionally. Throw in Kasia Dietz and Kim Laidlaw Adrey and you’ve got yourself a huge chunk of the expat blogging crowd. Forest and I had been exchanging tweets and emails long before we finally met but our shared love for Paris (and a certain kind of lifestyle -you might remember her contribution to my series) was evident from the beginning. Whereas my interest revolves primarily around food, Forest has grown her niche around her passion – cocktails. She regularly hosts cocktail meet-ups, is the first to get wind of the latest wine bar opening or event and offers honest reviews of some of the city’s most lauded lounges. Most recently she has begun contributing to the website World’s Best Bars, leveraging her expertise even further. But she didn’t move to Paris for cocktails, it was for a love of France… Describe what you love about France in three words […]…

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Friday Night in Paris

19 September 2011

I’ve never been a partier. Not in high school as classmates went from exploring their rebellious sides under the football stadium bleachers to the post-game fête where lushes-in-training engaged in salacious behavior; not in college as my floormates staggered home as the sun was rising and tried to convince me I missed out on the party of the year; and not as an adult where I would much rather enjoy a leisurely dinner out in Paris than spend hours in someone’s cramped apartment-party picking out bacon bits from a greasy quiche, recounting my life story to inebriated strangers and feeling dehydrated from a lack of non-alcoholic beverages. (Somehow water never makes it onto the menu). I’m happiest when I’m in bed by 11pm on a Friday night after having spent a relaxing evening exploring, eating, and laughing with an intimate group of friends or even, after going to the movies alone and walking home, feeling the movement of the city with each step. I still think fondly of those mornings in college where I would awake with microwave popcorn bits coiled in my hair after having fallen asleep to a movie. It could be the way I was raised or it could be […]…

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Franco File Friday: Design Mom

16 September 2011

When I think of the women who inspire me, more often than not they are entrepreneurs who juggle a large family, a prominent digital presence and maintain superhuman work hours. I can’t even imagine having children (we knew this about me, though) let alone trying to push a business, freelance work, and a blog while playing mom and wife. I truly believe some women thrive off a full plate and Gabrielle Blair is certainly one of them. A graphic designer and art director by trade, Gabrielle is also the mother of six children, the creator of one of the most celebrated lifestyle blogs, Design Mom, and the co-founder of social media community for women Kirtsy as well as the annual Alt Design Summit. Like her sister Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!, Gabrielle picked up and moved to France for the year with her family and documents their adventures on her blog.  I’m exhausted just thinking about how she manages it all! I love her photos from Normandy and her fresh take on life in France…. Describe what you love about France in three words.  Slower paced life. What attracted you and your family most to France when you were considering moving […]…

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