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May 2011

Franco File Friday: C’est Christine!

27 May 2011

Abandoning the stability and security that a full time 9-5 job often provides to go traveling around the world requires fearless determination and comfort in the unknown. Few are willing to risk their finances and well-anchored routines but that’s exactly what a large group of bloggers and location-independent professionals have done to satisfy an insatiable itch to travel and experience the world. Six months here and nine months there before returning to the grind they happily left at home. One of these bloggers is Christine of the travel blog C’est Christine. Christine was one of the first readers of Lost In Cheeseland to reach out to me via email to talk about her dream of dropping the corporate monotony for a stint in France. From our very first exchange, I knew she had the wherewithal to create her own path. As it happens, she was at a crossroads and needed to plan her next move. The end of both a relationship and an apartment lease presented the perfect opportunity to start laying the groundwork for a future that would ideally entail endless adventure. After nine months of living in Nice, she returned to California to the all-too-familiar realization that “home” had […]…

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French Advertising: Who Knows You Better Than RTL?

23 May 2011

Pub RTL :Qui vous connait mieux que RTL? Vidéo fidjie sélectionnée dans Pub I love movie outings in Paris. Of the three major theaters, I love going to the giant Gaumont at Opéra where the seats are actually comfortable and the bathrooms aren’t lined with urine (I’m looking at you, MK2 Beaubourg…). Last week, I anxiously raced to Gaumont after work to catch “Midnight in Paris” with Mr. C and was thoroughly disappointed. I had my reservations about the film while it was filming in Paris but I was still hoping to leave with renewed faith in Woody Allen. Unfortunately, his cliché-laden tale, albeit entertaining at times, was too much. After five years as an expat, has Paris really lost its luster? Well, no. But monologues about the city’s mystique and boundless source of inspiration are prosaic and bring out the cynic in me. I do agree with Anne, however, who said that the film’s best performance was Paris herself. But this post isn’t actually even about that. Perhaps our biggest chuckle of the evening came not from the film itself but from this commercial for radio station, RTL (also the station that interviewed me last summer). For non-French speakers, here’s what […]…

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Franco File Friday: Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day!

20 May 2011

When I was a little, my mother and I would spend our evenings on the couch, bonding over episodes of Murder She Wrote and coloring in coloring books. Jessica Fletcher’s superlative investigative skills and keen insight always had me dreaming of becoming a savvy sleuth writer and my mother’s precision with a crayon inspired me to refine my creative skills and become an artist. I have become neither. Given my inability to color within the lines and the slim chances of becoming a cute crime-fighting writer, I moved onto other life aspirations. Still, I have always been interested in creative activities, specifically Martha Stewart-type do-it-yourself projects. Lacking all forms of craftiness, I’m in awe of those equipped with the skill and imagination to bring their ideas to life. One of these people is Jordan Ferney of the blog Oh Happy Day. Originally a San Francisco-based letterpress printer and party planner, Jordan realized that what she loved most about the job was the creative process; developing original ideas. So five years ago she created a blog and began posting party inspiration and DIY projects which subsequently led to a position as a daily contributor on the parentings and kids site Babble […]…

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Wedding Tales…

17 May 2011

I’ll never forget my sister’s wedding. It was a bright but sweltering July afternoon in Philadelphia and I was stepping into my first role as a maid of honor. Doddering about trying to keep my sister’s train off the ground, I agonized about what the guests would think about my hair. I had recently gotten it cut but wasn’t satisfied with the final result so I took out the scissors and snipped at my bangs myself. Evidently, I snipped too much. I was uneasy, embarrassed and fraught by the thought of having my photo, butchered bangs and all, cemented in our family’s visual heritage. Serious concerns for a fifteen year old, I assure you. She walked down the aisle in the garden of a country club, straight up to the chupah and proceeded to be married in traditional Jewish fashion. I recall standing under the glaring sun and thinking to myself how absurd it was that in addition to my unfortunate hair incident, I was likely the only one of the bridesmaids sweating quite so profusely. I even had a fleeting fear that when I went to help my sister pin her train, the sweat from my fingers would sully her […]…

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Franco File Friday: Chasing Heartbeats

13 May 2011

As much as I enjoy traveling, particularly by train, I haven’t used my proximity to the rest of France to my advantage. At least, not enough. There are so many areas of this country I have left to discover and not enough long weekends to make it happen. Brittany, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Nice all fall on my must-visit list (though I will soon be able to cross off Toulouse). Each December, Mr. C considers taking me to Strasbourg, aptly labeled the Christmas Capital, for their famed holiday market but we still have never gone. We get caught up in local festivities and try to avoid large crowds. After connecting with Ashley of the blog Chasing Heartbeats, however, who works and lives near Strasbourg, and reading just how much there is to do, I am determined to get there this year. A photographer and freelance writer by trade, Ashley left California for a year in Paris before settling on the Franco-German border with her German fiancé. Chasing Heartbeats documents her life, travels and inspirations, often through photography. Of late she’s been chronicling her search for the perfect bridesmaid dress for her forthcoming Fall wedding in Cape Cod. But when […]…

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