Franco File Friday: Ally of From the Right Bank

29 April 2011
Paris carrousel

All week I’ve been trying to recall how I initially came across Ally’s interior design blog, From the Right Bank, but to no success. I do, however, remember being instantly drawn to the name. An avid traveler and interior design consultant, Ally created her blog back in 2009 as a sort of public journal to share her inspiration as she was redecorating her new home. When she moved to Seattle after four years living in Paris (rive droite) she changed the name to From the Right Bank to the Left Coast but only briefly. An unanticipated move to Atlanta saw her successful home and lifestyle journal reverting back to its original moniker – which I love.

One of her (previous) homes was showcased on Design*Sponge and her blog has been featured numerous times in lifestyle magazines and on home improvement sites. Fond of mixing modern pieces with antiques, Ally always keeps her eye out for small French touches to add to any space. Whether she’s on the left coast or down south, she’ll always be a Francophile.

Describe what you love about France in three words.
History, beauty, passion.

Paris apartment

What do you miss most about living in Paris? 
The lifestyle, the appreciation of quality, and the enjoyment of the finer things in everyday life. Oh and let’s not forget the selection of butter and yogurt at Monoprix!

Favorite shop for home decor in Paris and why? 
There are so many but if I could only shop at one, it would be the Marché aux Puces for its one-of-a-kind finds.

What do you consistently bring back to the States with you after a trip to France? 
Clothing, shoes, accessories and as many beauty items from the Pharmacie as I can fit in my bag!

How do you incorporate French style into your home? 
I was lucky enough to have a shipping container at my disposal when we moved from Paris to the U.S. so I have a lot of French furniture, art and accessories spread out all around my house.

Provence, France

If you were to  live anywhere else in France, where would it be? 
I wish I could be more original but I have to say Provence.

Thanks Ally! Follow her design file From the Right Bank and be sure to drop her a message on twitter or facebook. And if you’re wondering about the French pharmacy… it’s packed to the brim with clinical products and excellent skincare. Nothing you’d find in the supermarket!

{All photos by Ally Kim of From the Right Bank}

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