Living Large in Paris

{If viewing via email, click HERE to watch the video}

It would appear that Lenny Kravitz is living large in the 16th arrondissement which, given his age, profession and overall fierceness, is a real shame. He should use his bottomless pockets of money toward a Parisian castle in the Marais, Saint Germain or even Belleville, no (well, right after he infuses some financial support into a crumbling housing infrastructure and does his part to save the world)? Still, his day-in-the-life video reminds us how radically different life in Paris is for people with means and particularly, the means for space, the biggest luxury of all.

{Also, did you know he was rumored to have dated Vanessa Paradis in her pre-Depp days?}

Note: One of my readers/friends informed me that Lenny was reported to have purchased one of the most expensive townhouses in NYC on 5th Avenue back in 2005. That's kind of like the 16th, no?
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