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It's always good to try new things but as humans, we are conditioned by routine and habit. I have a seemingly endless list of restaurants I've been interested in trying but often find myself wanting the comfort of a meal I already know I'm going to enjoy. No surprises.  My local café, Les Petites Indécises, not only has great food but the perfect environment to plop down with a book and a glass of tea and read for hours. It is a café of regulars -I've seen the same man, at the same time, at the same table, with the same breakfast, reading his newspaper and the same woman who parks her bike outside the café and sits down for a café crème with her girlfriends every morning after dropping her kids off at school. It creates a sense of community that I now finally feel a part of. Cafés, restaurants, bakeries - they all contribute to creating reliably satisfying moments. 
One restaurant which always delivers that coveted familiarity is Pomze. A year ago, I reviewed the apple-inspired restaurant (goodness, the photos were horrific) and have returned several times. I have recommended their lunch and dinner menu to friends and the verdict has always been positive, sometimes even glowing disbelief. With a friend of ours in town from Marseille, we headed back to Pomze last week to show her what she's missing in Paris. {the menu changes every season so if you've already been, there's certainly something new to try!}


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**Another article I wrote about Pomze landed on the Travel & Leisure blog! Read it HERE.
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