The Nostalgic Pull of the Perfect Vista

Ile Rousse, Corsica

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Every summer growing up, I would spend two weeks in Hilton Head, South Carolina with my family. We would hit the road before dawn for an 11 hour drive down south, something I remember fondly. Petty arguments with my sister, uncomfortable open-mouthed naps and pit stops for burgers and milkshakes along the way – memories that comfort me when I feel far removed from childhood and sadden me when I realize those carefree summers have begun to feel more like a vague dream than a former reality.

With age, traveling takes on a new meaning. It's less a parochial escape from hitting the books or a burning desire to play in the sand and more about personal growth. While there is still so much I have left to discover, to really experience the full breadth of cultural diversity and challenge my perceptions of the world, I've seen enough to know what makes me feel alive. All it takes is a body of water and an uncluttered skyline to reinvigorate my clouded spirit from the burdens of stifling urban living.

Mother Nature’s greatest secret, the combination of crisp turquoise water, unpolluted air and full-bodied clouds juxtaposed with a mountainous landscape is enough to enthrall me. This vista in Corsica, shot two weeks ago the morning after a storm, represents not only the sense of peace and comfort I felt with family in Hilton Head for which I am so often nostalgic but also serves as a reminder of the beauty in simplicity.
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