Happy New Year from Philly

1 January 2010

Almost every year without fail, something dramatic happens on my vacations in the US. Last year, my mom fell and dislocated her elbow the day after we arrived, requiring us to be her personal servants helpers, running errands, taking the dogs for walks 5 times a day and taking her for follow up doctor’s visits before she needed an operation. In September when I visited, she unexpectedly needed surgery  causing the trip to be more stressful and worrisome than relaxing. Previous years were also just as dramatic. This year, it falls on me. Between a canceled flight and catching a stomach bug for a few days, this trip has been…. well, eventful. BUT we made it here, I’ve spent quality time with my little brother Gavin, seen friends, taken a 2 day trip to DC with my husband and father, and took a much needed social media vacation.
Once I’m back in Paris it will be back to work, back to a routine and back to lots of computer time. My eyes have rested and I’ve gone back to reality. No, twitter really isn’t reality although I could write a “I am thankful for Twitter because…” post because it really has done a lot for me both professionally and personally, but I won’t. It’s not real life and sometimes I remember the joys of life before it existed, when only facebook consumed all of my time. I don’t even remember what life was like before facebook, how sad is that? Anyway, it’s too lofty a resolution to say that I will spend less time in front of the computer this year so I will simply say that I will make a concerted effort to stay better in touch with my dear friends and to spend more face-time with those close by.
 I have a week left in the States so I’m going to live it up since I don’t know when I’ll be back again! Hope everyone had a lovely, healthy holiday and are beginning the new year on the right foot.