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January 2010

Saturday Stroll

30 January 2010

The sun finally came out today after a week of miserable rain and bitter temperatures. Well, it was still bitter but the sun turns this city upside down. Everyone was out and about window shopping, running errands, strolling and staying warm with chocolat chaud and biscuits. I too took a stroll, taking in all the color and ambiance. Inside a restaurant, love the walls    notice the bourgeois children Happy Saturday everyone… I’m off to a birthday party which will probably be like most – a bunch of people who don’t know each other brought together with little to talk about except how good or bad the food is. We shall see. …

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The Importance of Traveling (Spontaneity)

29 January 2010

Friday’s guest post comes from a new blogger friend, Grace Boyle. Grace is a 20-something adventurista. She lives in Boulder, Colorado and is the Publisher Services Manager for Lijit. She loves to travel, the culinary arts, laughter and taking risks. You can find her thoughts on career and life inspirations on her blog: Small Hands, Big Ideas. I studied abroad my Junior year of college in Florence, Italy. Top five experiences in my life, without a doubt. During my time abroad, besides immersing myself in the Italian culture I knew I wanted to take advantage of the European countries that I lived amongst by traveling frequently. Traveling, living out of a suitcase (backpacking) and exploring other cultures have been some of the happiest moments in my life. I thrive off of it. Two weeks after living in Florence, I had already planned a trip to Interlaken, Switzerland. It was only an overnight train ride away. Without hesitation, my roommates (we had never met before) and I hopped on the sleeper train. I woke up to sunshine streaming through the train window. I hazily opened my eyes to white looming Alps. Immediately I roused and felt giddy. We found our hostel […]…

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Ideal Women

26 January 2010

Ideal Women from Elena on Vimeo. Last week I talked about my inspiring meet-ups and how creative people seem to flock to Paris. I mentioned one friend in particular, Elena, who is the genius behind the Illusionists and No Country for Young Women. Back in December, she made a short experimental film for ARTE and the Louvre’s new project “4 Semaines” (4 weeks) about women and beauty. In the video, Elena juxtaposes the portrayal of women in the arts with their depiction in mass media, both American and foreign. The result is astounding. Puts a lot into perspective. How often do you think about the ways in which women are portrayed as sexual objects in the media vs. how they were portrayed historically more as sensual beings? …

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When the Past Attacks

23 January 2010

The past comes back to haunt you, is that how the expression goes? This week I received an anonymous facebook email inferring that I needed to be honest with my husband. Disturbed, I called him to see if he recognized the name of the source. Of course he didn’t, and I reported the person to facebook making it impossible for them to write again. Immediately, this reminded me of high school when we’d drop anonymous notes into the locker of our enemy. That evening I went to yoga, got myself all zen and came home to find out that this shit-starter had contacted my husband as well. Except that his email was long, detailed, and accusatory. I was the subject. The person started off by explaining how and where he/she met me and who introduced my husband and me back in 2006. These are details that only about 3 people would know. They proceeded to accuse me of being unfaithful to him at various periods of our relationship, even when I would go back to the States to visit and went so far as to claim that I even considered calling off our wedding. Part of me wanted to laugh […]…

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Inspiring Week: Creatives Flock to Paris

20 January 2010

If I hadn’t come to Paris to study, I never would have met my husband. If I hadn’t been stuck with an expired visa and unsuccessful job interviews, I never would have considered getting my Master’s. If I hadn’t gotten my Master’s in Paris, I never would have met my dear friend Andi who introduced me to my dear friend Elena. If I hadn’t gotten closer to Elena, I might not have learned about her two powerful projects, The Illusionists (a documentary about women, body image and the marketing of unattainable beauty and perfection) and No Country for Young Women and contributed to the latter. If I hadn’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, I wouldn’t have started following Elena’s tweets and discovered Liza Donnelly, a cartoonist best known for her work for the New Yorker. She also teaches Women’s Studies at Vassar and contributed to Elena’s NCYW project. She is nothing short of inspiring. All of this leads to the events of this week. Liza was in Paris for an international cartoonist conference and had some time to meet Elena, Haley, Beth Arnold and me for a drink at a charming restaurant in the 20th. Beth is an award-winning writer […]…

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