Welcome to the new Lost In Cheeseland!

    5 February 2016

      No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, things do  look different around here! After months of working with Curious & Co Design, and DM Design Solutions, I’m thrilled to finally rip the bandages off this new website and begin the next chapter of Lost in Cheeseland. The itch for change bubbled to the surface as I began researching and writing my book. I realized it had been several years since I had made any significant changes to the site but felt frustrated and limited by the previous platform. On top of that, I knew that it wasn’t always easy to quickly locate information like restaurant tips, hotel recommendations and other practical details for a visit to Paris. Here are some of the changes you’ll notice: Clear categories (indicated by icon on each post and in the sidebar) to differentiate each post Easy-to-find post and newsletter signup in the sidebar Straight-forward navigation at the top of the site My Paris Guide: my recommendations in a much more user-friendly format with drop-down menus for each category. (Note: this is very much a work in progress and I will be removing old links and updating with new in the coming weeks! Please bear with me) All […]…

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