‘The New Paris’: From the Cutting Room Floor

    16 June 2017

    I knew I would have trouble trimming words from “The New Paris” when it came time to edit, like quotes and details here and there, but I didn’t anticipate the grueling decision-making I would face with respect to the final photo selection. Somewhere in my mind I assumed we’d find (or make) room for extras but that couldn’t come at the expense of the narrative and so cuts were made. I recall sitting rapt before two images I love deeply and deferring to Charissa Fay for guidance. Alas, the photos that didn’t make the cut weren’t entirely lost! Here, we both share our favorites from the cutting room floor.  Spaces, places, faces and a little something delicious: these are among the images that didn’t end up in the final edit of “The New Paris”. I loved them all as they each convey something special but in most cases, another angle related to the same topic was included instead. The photographer’s perspective: “I love the fun shot of Le Mary Celeste team turning their camera on the photographer; the handsome portrait of Septime’s chef in his gorgeous restaurant; and the graphic composition and colors of the pastry and café shots.” – […]…

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  • AirFrance Business Class Cabin

    The Air France Experience

    If I was a functioning and coherent speaker in the first leg of my tour, it’s entirely because of Air France. As a partner for my tour, they offered me a chance to slip…

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  • Paris Montmartre

    5 Things I Learned in Paris

    It was a pure delight to get work with the photographer Charissa Fay on this book and most importantly, she confirmed who my target audience would be — people like her! I thought it would…

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