Sézane Opens in NYC (+ Event update!)

    18 September 2017
    Morgane Sezalory Sezane

    If you’ve read “The New Paris”, you understand the role of Morgane Sézalory and her brand Sézane in the evolving fashion and shopping scene in Paris. I first wrote about Sézalory’s unique career trajectory for The New York Times almost 2 years ago just as she was transitioning from an exclusively online business model to a brick-and-mortar showroom space called L’Appartement Sézane (which now includes an adjacent shop called La Librairie for handbags, small leather goods, books, stationery, and other lifestyle items). It’s been fascinating to watch her progression, especially as she moved beyond Paris with pop-ups across France to connect with the rest of her client base, capsule collections with the U.S. retailer Madewell, and now a physical space aptly called L’Appartement New York in Nolita, a project that emerged after careful, measured growth at home. In a milestone moment I will never forget, L’Appartement Sézane played host to my book launch in April. Now, to round out “The New Paris” tour for 2017, her New York space will welcome me in October, alongside Nichole Robertson of “Paris in Color” and more recently “New York in Color” and Will Taylor, author and creator of Bright Bazaar. Together, we will […]…

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