Saint James: the best of Made in France

    20 August 2016
    Saint James Breton Stripe

    In July, I spent several days traveling through Normandy and visiting landmarks in the region that, in one way or another, have informed and continue to inform the creative process and production of Saint James garments. I went behind-the-scenes at their atelier, met with the President, collections director and Managing Director for the U.S. and walked away blown away not only by the brand’s history but their upstanding sense of ethics. If there is a company to believe in, it’s this one. And if you find yourselves in the small town of Saint James, pop in! They’re happy to offer tours. Below, you’ll find a version of my story for Conde Nast Traveler that looks at the past, present and future of this iconic French fashion brand.  Peek into the closets of most French people and you’re likely to find at least one striped sailor tee or Breton wool sweater, as much symbols of Gallic craftsmanship as of style. Chances are high the left sleeve will bear the label Saint James, the 127 year old independent French ready-to-wear brand whose durable goods and timeless nautical looks have made it a national icon spanning generations. That the brand is experiencing two-digit growth today […]…

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    Beyond Bubbly: Exploring Champagne

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