“The New Paris” Book: Video Teaser

    18 April 2017
    The New Paris book teaser

    Here we go! My little baby is making its way into the world today and I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to know what you think. One of the thrilling outcomes of having a book released all over the world at the same time is learning where it is being sold. So far, I’ve received messages and photos from booksellers and boutiques in Australia that have been displaying the book and I’ve spotted it in Paris at Colette, Shakespeare & Co, Artazart, WHSmith, and Sézane. It’s wild to think of my work reaching people from around the world and hopefully leading to a deeper appreciation for or better understanding of the French capital today. So what is “The New Paris”, you ask? It’s a bit of the video below (if reading in your email inbox, click HERE to watch the video!). Order your copy of “The New Paris” now! Click here for a list of online distributors or visit a bookseller nearest you. Once you’ve read it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or GoodReads!  Video by Haleigh Walsworth…

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  • Paris Montmartre

    5 Things I Learned in Paris

    It was a pure delight to get work with the photographer Charissa Fay on this book and most importantly, she confirmed who my target audience would be — people like her! I thought it would…

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  • Saint James The New Paris

    “The New Paris” Instagram giveaway!

    Here’s a little treat to kick off publication month! To celebrate the release of “The New Paris” and the cultural links between France and the US, I’m partnering with an incredible group of brands for quite…

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  • The New Paris Image by Charissa Fay

    About “The New Paris”

    With just under one month before “The New Paris” lands on bookshelves or arrives in your mailboxes, I thought I’d share a bit about what motivated me to write the book in the first…

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